There is this numb feeling that comes over you when you find out that someone you saw just recently has passed away unexpectedly.  All the memories and conversations you had with that person play in your mind on repeat.

I know this coworker from when I was working in another division and it was he who taught me how to use the County’s accounting system, which I use on a daily basis in my current role as an accountant.  It’s so funny how something I used without thinking twice about it will now have a deeper meaning for me.

The most disturbing part of this already disturbing event is that my coworker died on his 27th birthday after participating in a race for charity.  He was so young with literally his whole life to look forward to.  There is no explanation that makes the death of a young person any easier to bear.

As always, death has a way of making one reflect on one’s life and take pause and as this gentleman was so close to me in age, his death has caused me to come to a figurative stop.  I now feel an even greater sense of urgency to accomplish my goals in life, like those I’ve mentioned in my life list.

I’ve also come to realize that I live in the future a lot: I’m always looking ahead to what will happen and never really focusing on the present.  While, it is great to have dreams and goals, it is just as important to enjoy and live in the present moment; appreciating the life you are a part of today.  Otherwise, one runs the risk of waking up one day and regretfully realizing that so many moments and experiences were overlooked, never to return again.

By all means, plan for the future, but  don’t let today passed by unnoticed.  It is a gift.

This song came on the radio today and made me tear up a little: If I Die Young


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