I’ve discovered a few things about myself over the past year (more on that in another post) and now I’m eager to actually start living my life according to what I’ve learned, which is why my theme word for 2016 is: live.

But besides having a pulse, how does one measure if they are living?  It’ll be different for everyone but I’ve thought of a few ways that make sense for me:

  1. I am going to be more active in my decision-making. For example, if I’m unsure of what to do in a particular situation, I tend to keep putting off a decision until it’s too late to make one. I want to reverse that trend and make a decision sooner rather than later. That way, the pressure of the decision-making is no longer weighing on my mind and I’ve given myself more control over how things happen in my life.
  2. I am going to participate in activities that I’m curious about, such as acting and yoga.
  3. I am going to make sure that I schedule in some time for myself so that I may have the energy to enjoy more out of life. For me that means finding a trust-worthy babysitter for my daughter so that I can take off my mom hat and just be me for a few hours.  Talk about refreshing!
  4. I’m going to start working towards my dreams. Once a plan of action is in place and end dates are set, dreams no longer remain dreams but become goals.  So I will come up with a plan of action this month that will bring me closer to my dreams.
  5. Last but not least, I have to learn to stand up for myself. This is going to be the hardest one of all for me.  I am often hesitant to voice my views on things and when I do muster up the courage to do so, it is in a soft spoken voice.  As you can imagine, this combination makes it harder for me to speak up when I’m dealing with those who express themselves more loudly than I do or who voice their opinions more readily than I do.  So I end up doing what others want to do more often than doing what I want.  That’s not how I want to live my life.  And when it comes to family members that are loud, opinionated, and who disagree with my choices, I tend to conceal what I’m doing in order to avoid being reprimanded or being made to feel ashamed.  That is no way to live either.

This year, I am going to live life on my terms.  I’m looking forward to where it’ll take me.

What steps are you guys implementing to make sure that the life you are living is the one you want?

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