Do you have a hard time finding the perfect gift for that special guy in your life?  Well, I definitely feel your pain.

My (sort of) boyfriend (sort of as in we used to date but broke up and now we act more like boyfriend and girlfriend than we did when we were together) is a very difficult person to shop for.  He has an easy time shopping for me, mostly because I’m so vocal about what I like: lingerie, books, food…  He, on the other hand, is very vocal about what he doesn’t like and what he does like usually happens to be non-mainstream things, so figuring out what to get him is a bit of a challenge.

But, after racking my brain, I think I’ve got it.

I am going to get him:

Something to remind him of when we first started dating

Our second date took place at a park and as we were walking, it seemed that every squirrel we came across had it out for him. He was convinced that the squirrels and I were in cahoots.  So I’m getting him a t-shirt featuring a squirrel so he can get a chuckle out of it every time he wears it.

A Gag Gift

I’m also definitely getting him something he will probably never wear – A pair of Mickey Mouse socks. He shakes his head at my obsession with everything Disney so I know these socks will make him smile, even if he never wears them.

Something he’s expressed interest in doing but we’ve never done

He’s always wanted to cook an authentic meal with me so I am going to buy the necessary ingredients and make a nice little evening out of the food preparation.

A nice greeting card

He’s mentioned to me before that he’s touched when he receives a thoughtful greeting card. So my mission is to find a greeting card that doesn’t sound too cheesy but at the same time, adequately expresses how I feel.

Last but Not Least

And this last item will be his favorite by far – some alone time. He enjoys the time we spend together but at times, he likes to go off and do his own thing without catching grief for it.  So alone time sans nagging it is.

And the last ingredient, is to make sure that I don’t give him the gift on a specific holiday.  One thing he hates is the obligatory gift-giving that comes with the holidays.

It’s hard to get a read on him sometimes but when he lights up at the thoughtfulness of a gift, it’s worth the extra effort.  He’s not your typical guy but I guess that’s part of the reason I ‘L-word’ him.

What are some thoughtful gifts you’ve given to those in your life who are difficult to shop for?



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