When it comes to finding the perfect guy, many women are completely disillusioned.  I was on Facebook yesterday and they were so many negative comments about men.  It was clear to see that the women who had made the comments were hurting.  Many of them were abandoned with children to raise alone with no help.  It’s difficult not to become embittered, angry, and frustrated in that situation. Add to that, the shame, guilt, and worthlessness these women are made to feel from others who are judging them for being in their current situation.  All these things make it is hard to maintain a positive outlook and visualize a brighter future for oneself.

Or there are those who are angry because their partner cheated on them; disappointed because their partner doesn’t appreciate the awesome woman that they are; or frustrated because their partner isn’t bringing anything to the table.

With all the choices out there, how can you find the perfect guy for you?

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Well, it’s important to define the kind of guy you’re looking to start a relationship with.  One thing I realized after a few failed relationships is that  I had never defined the kind of man that I wanted in my life.  Sure, I had said I wanted a tall, handsome guy with spiritual values but that wasn’t really specific enough. Tall and handsome have nothing to do with the kind of man he is and just saying spiritual values is kind of vague.  And because I wasn’t clear on who I wanted in my life, almost anybody who paid me a compliment was considered a viable relationship option.

But now that I feel ready to stick my big toe back into the dating pool, I’ve come to the realization that I really need to define the kind of man that I’m looking for.  What kind of man will complement the life I want to live while adding value to it?  What kind of man do I want to avoid? I needed help so I created a relationship guide to help me gain clarity on what I was looking for in a potential mate.  And hopefully, it  can help you as you search for your perfect guy.

If you’re ready to outline and define the kind of relationship you want, download your Relationship Guide here.

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