If a single mom has a young child that still depends fully upon her, is she still able to date?

Seeing someone once in a while is fine when you’re dating casually but what about when the casual becomes serious?  It’s natural to want to spend more and more time together as the relationship deepens.  Are we to relegate our need for time together to a solitary weekend here and there where we try to cram everything we missed out on into a day or two and then hope that we don’t drive each other crazy in the process?

And we moms know what the weekdays are like; they aren’t really conducive to helping a budding relationship thrive – by the time you get the kids ready for school, come back from work, and then resume your mom duties, you are literally pooped.  I don’t know if I would even want to see anyone other than my bed after such a long day.

At what stage of the relationship is the boyfriend able to come and experience these hectic weekdays?  It’s not something that can be put off for too long because if you are going to spend your lives together, he has to know what 70% of your life is like, right?

And then, how do you introduce them to one another? I’m imagining it going something like: “Hey honey, we have someone special coming to dinner tonight…”

And if the relationship doesn’t work out?  Is the child supposed to meet each guy who might be the one (meaning that the relationship shows a good amount of promise) until we find the guy who is truly “the One”?

Are single moms with no family to rely upon really able to date successfully?

There is, of course, the option of waiting until she’s older to start dating seriously.  That would only mean waiting 10-12 years…

As a newly divorced mom, I am going to be exploring these questions as I try to navigate the confusing dating world…Gulp!

But in the meantime, I would love, love to hear some success stories.                                               Single mamas, how did you balance your dating life with your desire to shield your children from unnecessary instability?

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