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My name is Melissa and my mission is to prove that being a happy, fulfilled single mom is possible.

I started this page out of necessity.  I needed a place where I could work through all the negative emotions that had been plaguing me for years; negative emotions about a life-changing “mistake” I had made.  This so-called life-changing “mistake” was getting pregnant out of wedlock at the relatively young age of 21.  What made this challenging situation even more difficult was the shaming and lack of support from friends and family at a time when I needed them the  most.

After dealing with these negative feelings for years, I’d finally reached a place where I was ready to live a life of fulfillment, whether it be in romantic relationships, my relationship with my daughter, my professional life, or my relationship with myself.

Being a single mom is not an automatic death sentence.  We can still lead thriving lives filled with happiness and contentment.

Join me here as we discuss self-love, dating, and the ups and downs of being a single mom and receive a free Relationship Guide PDF as a thank you.

August 19, 2015

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