I was given a Fitbit Flex as a housewarming gift and I was super excited.  I’d be able to set fitness goals and measure my progress through this little device that would tell me how many steps I took, the distance I had traveled, how many calories I’d burned, how many minutes I was active for, and even how well I slept.

I’m going to segue into another topic but it’ll all make sense in the end, I promise.

Being a mom has its good moments and bad moments although the bad sometimes feel like they outweigh the good.  And if you have a partner sharing the load with you, the “burden” feels infinitely lighter.  But for single moms the load feels like it’s multiplied by 100.

So here is an example of what a wonderful day in the life of a single mom is like:

  • Wake up at the crack of dawn to get daughter dearest ready for school.
  • “Aww, look at her sleeping so peacefully while I do all the work.” (Think loving thoughts, mom. Think loving thoughts).
  • Thirty minutes later… I have managed to get sleeping beauty to a standing position, which gives me exactly 17 minutes to get her dressed, fed, and out the door (but hey, this is what I signed up for, right? Total sarcasm).
  • On to lunch preparation (because I’ve visited the school cafeteria and… just no), where I somehow manage to drop a big pile of ice all over the kitchen floor… sigh.
  • I clean up that mess and open up her lunch box… to find out that it is full of goldfish that have escaped from their baggie. “Hey sweetheart, why didn’t you clean out your lunchbox?  This is the answer I received, no lie: “Because I thought you would be sad if I threw away the garbage…”  (Say what now?).
  • Remember those 17 minutes? That was 20 minutes ago.
  • I’m rushing to get her to school by 7:50 because her school decided that starting at 8:00 was just too darn convenient.
  • We park across the street because it’s quicker than going up to the actual school (the line of cars waiting to drop off their kids can stretch almost to the corner of the street) and I swear to you that my daughter is going to become a track star; you should see how fast she can dash across the street and jump over the kids in her way like a hurdle jumper (OK she’s not jumping over kids yet but she’s getting there).
  • Whew! Now I’m done for the day…NOT!
  • Now it’s my turn to rush and get ready to spend the next 8 glorious hours at a job that is sapping away my soul, all the while avoiding the puddles that have formed from the ice I thought I cleaned up earlier.
  • There’s no need to mention traffic because who doesn’t love spending an hour inching along the highway, honking at cars that dare to come into your lane, pulling out your hair, cursing to yourself, and just barely making it to work on time?
  • The best part is that I get to spend another hour in traffic going the other way at 5:00, driving like a crazy woman to get to her aftercare by 6:00 ($15 if I’m 15 minutes late? No, thank you).
  • I barely recognize my daughter because she’s covered in sand, dirt, and chocolate milk so she’ll need 2 baths tonight…yay me.
  • We get home and I start to prepare a nutritious, wholesome meal (HA, that was funny!).
  • We argue about the vegetables, we argue about taking a bath, we argue about homework (you know what, my 6 year old might have a future as a lawyer as well as a track star).
  • I tell myself that I’ll schedule some ‘me time’ after daughter dearest has gone to bed. But of course I fell asleep first, because the next sound I hear is the alarm going off the next morning.

So hopefully that last part will stop all those who were going to ask: “Why don’t you prepare everything the night before?  It would be a great help.”  Because I fell asleep, that’s why.

Oh, did I mention the most grueling part of the daily single mom activities?  Being loving and affectionate while you’re performing your duties.  So that when my daughter plays her daily “Are you my mama?” game, I have to resist the urge to say “Not today, kiddo.” And even that’s not always a sure thing.

At these times, I sometimes wish for a partner to share my feelings with or who will be there when I need a foot massage but that raises a whole bunch of other questions that I share here.

So what does this have to do with my Fitbit?  My Fitbit can keep track of all the steps I take, how well I sleep, etc.…but neither the Fitbit nor anything else I’ve come across can accurately depict all the things I do on a daily basis as a single mom.  I tell you, one Mother’s Day a year is not enough.

Hey moms, what are some of the challenges you face on a daily basis?



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